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All We Need Is A Vehicle To Find Success

With paint protection Adelaide will keep your car looking newer for longer, not only protecting your car but also protecting your investment. Well, here I am all ready to go and no vehicle to get there. Living my life working construction trying to raise a family on minimum wage. This is not exciting, not what I had planned for. All the dreams were fading away I felt myself slipping into the RUT with no open end. Until one day a friend had something to share with me……

Lo and behold he had found a business opportunity and we were going to be RICH in 3-5 years. All I had to do was meet him at the back of a well known restaurant and learn the program. I went and boy did I get excited. I saw so many circles my head was spinning and I got dizzy with the dream.

We were off and running. I worked day and night building the business . After about 6 months I looked around and when I woke up my wife and kids had left. Wow, this success stuff is hard on a guy.

Anyway, the seeds of success had been planted and would soon start growing. At least I had the faith they would if nothing else did. The books and tapes had implanted the success syndrome in me that would pay off in the future. RIGHT!!

Seeking counsel from a higher authority on the divorce issues at the local church was my saving grace so to speak. While getting counseled, being flat broke, and getting laid off from my job I was introduced to a person who was going through similar problems but did have a position to offer me with his company. What is it I asked ? I was told it was the Door to Door Vacuum business. All I could visualize was a salesperson going up to a house and getting the door slammed in their face. Wow, I have more PRIDE than this. After all I don’t have a job. Well alright I’ll at least check it out I thought……to myself.

Wait, I know my car was here this morning as it was freezing and I had gone out to warm it up. However, the fact was that my car had been repossessed. Now as fate would have it the vacuum salesman had a brand new caddy. Next thing I know we were off Knocking Doors and Sweeping Floors. I was accustomed to getting callouses on my hands but now I was getting them on my brain. All those books and tapes would come in handy now. I was told I could make a thousand in a week doing this if I could figure it out. After a few days of training the trainer said here is your vacuum and demo kit. Good luck hope you make it! What Did you say?…..

Well let’s recap. In one year of searching for the secrets of success I had managed to lose my wife, kids, dog and now I was a door to door vacuum salesperson with no vehicle. This was not looking good . But good fortune smiled on me. A friend, thank God, had an extra car. I could take over payments on the car. My life was looking up and I could get to work. Oh boy! was I in for a huge learning curve….