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Wedding Tips On A Budget

When planning your wedding, there are many ways to enjoy a memorable event on a budget. From saving on wedding reception venues to cutting costs on flowers, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an enjoyable wedding. Regardless of your budget or what kind of small wedding reception venues Melbourne you’re planning, we’re stoked to help you organise the wedding of your dreams for less.

Bridal Apparel

There are many ways to save on your gown and your bridal party’s apparel. Shop for your wedding gown during the off-season. Avoid months like May, June and September. These months are the most popular for weddings and you will find few sale items. Winter months like January and February are the best times to find the best deals on wedding gowns and formal dresses.


Often the biggest expense when it comes to weddings, food can really put a dent in your budget. Save money by serving a light meal or having a cake and punch reception. A brunch or breakfast reception is also a great way to take the bite out of food costs. Hire a student caterer instead of a large company. You will find significant savings by cutting out expensive catered meals.


Flowers can also be a huge part of your wedding budget. These prices can add up quickly, from the bridal bouquet to the wedding party’s flowers, the ceremony decor and the reception site flowers. Save money by taking advantage of natural decor. Enjoy an outdoor garden wedding or a beachfront ceremony. Mix in silk flowers with live ones to save even more. There are many independent crafters who will design a breathtaking wedding bouquet for a fraction of the price of your florist. Take advantage of this and save money on flowers.

The Reception Venue

The reception venue is often a huge budget gobbler. Save money by booking your reception at a site that allows outside catering. This way you can save on food costs while enjoying an elegant wedding. Many sites have function rooms that can be made smaller or expanded to accommodate your guests. Take advantage of these by decreasing the size of your reception room for instant savings.


Wedding photography can be very expensive. The best photographers can produce breathtaking images, but may charge high prices. Save money by booking your photographer for your wedding ceremony only. Have a friend shoot the photos at your ceremony. This can add up to a huge cost savings. With major retailers offering low cost printing, you can enjoy large, professional-quality prints at a fraction of the cost.

From flowers to photos, there are many ways to save on your wedding costs, you only have to work with your budget without sacrificing what you want for this very special occasion in your life.