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Easy Tips to Protect The Base Paint of Your Car

Ceramic paint protection primary purpose of this product is to paint protection because it contains synthetic protection agents in it. Every time your car leaves the garage, it is laid bare to infinite dangers – bird droppings, bugs, dust and dirt, and of course, extreme weather conditions and the sun. Naturally, these dangers can wreak havoc on your ride’s paint and leave it rusted, dirty and with a poor finish.

If you want your car to look fresh and shiny for a long time, regular upkeep is necessary. Here are a few tips that may come handy.


Perhaps the simplest way to protect your car paint is regular cleaning. As soon as you arrive back home at the end of a long ride, wash off the dirt on the car as leaving it on the surface can cause damage. After washing, let it cool in the shade to help the water drop off and not penetrate into the body.

Use only mild auto soap and a fresh sponge for cleaning. Make sure that you only rinse and wash one section at a time, cleaning from the top to bottom. Don’t scrub hard on the paint; instead, use long light strokes along the length of the car. Dry the car in the shade (and not under the sun), and use blotting paper rather than wiping.


The subsequent step is waxing. This is an integral step to protect the paint against damage. Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to waxing. Waxing not only enhances the appeal and shine of your car’s paint but also protects it from the harmful Ultraviolet rays and dirt. The ideal way to wax is to put on a coat of wax on the car’s surface and then immediately wipe it off.

Paint protection film

Paint protection film also known as Clear Bra functions as a protective coating on top of the base paint layer. It protects against small chips and cracks in your vehicle’s paint that occurs from normal driving and also makes the paint impervious to chalking and dulling effects of direct sunlight. Make sure you car has one.

Whether you need to clean and wax your car or install a protection film, a professional car detailing service will be able to help. They will make sure your ride stays protected from outside elements and upholds its value should the time ever come that you need to resell it.