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Surfing Tips For The Holiday Tidal Wave Frenzy

Make sure you install a surfing app to monitor tidal wave. Its official, the tidal wave is coming, all the media Giants, mega-stores and all the retail in your area are unleashing their Campaigns to help you find Happiness. The ads and images beckon us to Feel enticed – as if you need to have this – indeed you must buy, do, or have this OR your life won’t be as bright, successful, or enjoyable without this…..

We are bombarded with cultural images of family, light, obligation and feeling “happy” to unleash your enjoyment and longing.

Where are you in this frenzy of have-tos, need-tos and want- tos? The season is about light, the diminishing of it as the day light get shorter and shorter, and the celebrations are for the return or keeping of the light.

The Key to surfing those Zenith waves of frenzy and stewarding your own divine light is staying in touch with your own Knowing and listening to deep inner guidance. This process of staying in center will allow you to Know what you really want.

How do you stay in center with all the things that are to be done? Take a few moments each day to check in and consciously connect with yourself. Here are 5 Tips to help you Surf and Savor and steward the bright divine light within while in living daily life.

First, in order to create more of what you want you must be with yourself more. No, I’m not talking about running away into the dessert for time away (though it may be a great fantasy to entertain)(see the next blog for how-tos)

I’m talking about being with yourself all throughout each day. To check in – take a deep breath. Make time for you in-between the doing all the activities. Its really very simple, start by letting the phone ring 3 times before answering. While listening to the rings – take several deep breaths – and smile, before you answer the phone.

Whenever we smile we create joy hormones in our system – we begin to have more happiness hormones available to us. Many of us are out of practice and by practicing over time your body will actually make more receptor sites to allow the happy hormones to dock (so you feel even happier over time). So this is one to practice. practice. practice.

This small step of these- mini-breaks – mini times of centering – gives you time for you while still doing your daily tasks. Next as part of making time for you, take a breath and smile each time you send an email and each time you open an email. And, when you stop at every traffic signal. Really take a cleansing breath and smile. It will help the commute be more relaxing.

Instigating one or more of those three daily time, will give you lots of time each day to be with your true Self and listen to your deep Knowing.

Tip two – plan what you want, NOT what you don’t. Actually ask yourself – What 3 things would you really enjoy doing? Write them down – really write them down on your calendar and schedule them. Don’t skip them – they are you tethers to hold you in contact with true wonder and joy.

What song or ideas do you need to develop to do your holidays or non-holidays in the best way possible? Put time to do these on your calendar.

This is the time of year to fully charge your batteries – charging your heart with what brings it nourishment. Do as many of the things that you want to do and that feed your spirit as you can truly savor and let go of all the rest.

Third Key tip, ask for help. Where in your life do you need more information or guidance or just plain help with daily tasks? So many people try to get it all done alone and forget to ask for help. Where can you get help in your life?

Get a friend to come and help you hang those pictures on the wall. For errand help, hire a neighborhood stay- at- home Mom to do your grocery shopping. She can do it when she goes to the store and make some extra cash. And you don’t have to take the time to go or fight the crowds and traffic, AND you get well picked produce and products delivered to you door.(this adds several hours to your week and doesn’t waste you life force).

Work out a Trade of consultation with colleague that has expertise you could use.

Fourth Key Tip, Turn your have-tos and drudgeries into games or add levity in some way. What have you been putting off doing? How could you approach it in a childlike or light manner to help you to just get it done? Set a timer and see how much you can do in only 5 minutes. Doing this a few times will get a whole 15 minutes of work done.

OR set the timer and challenge yourself -see how many items you can de-clutter in less than 5 minutes. Add to it by putting on your favorite get-moving music to keep you flowing.

The Fifth Key Tip to keep you surfing, Take care of the basics. Yes the basics are always in need of care. Get enough sleep. Drink enough water. Eat healthy food. Take 5 minutes to plan how to cover your basics. Do you need a new water bottle or water filtration system? Do you need to set a new bedtime? Can you prepare ahead and freeze meals so you can eat well without preparation hassle OR better yet work out a trade – help a neighbor with a project ( could be you are going to make cookies for holidays so you make double batches) in exchange for 1 cooked meal per week for the month.

There are lots of different ways to set up your life so you can cover the basics. Be creative and be consistent with checking to make sure these get covered.

Here is the 5 Key Re-Cap. 1) Be With Yourself Regular – Quick Mini – Breaks are great! 2) Plan Now What You Want – leave off those things you don’t enjoy; 3) Get Help Getting it Done; 4) Add Levity and Fun to Must-Do Tasks; 5) Take Care of the Basics.

Wishing you all the best in savoring and stewarding your light to make this the best holiday ever.

Wishing you all best bright blessings of the season, and great joy in whatever you plan this season,

Katherine Wright Desai

Katherine Wright Desai, Ph.D. is a Energy and Spiritual Psychologist. She teaches lightworkers skills and methods for working with intuition, inner wisdom, and teams of angels and spirit guides to joyfully thrive and Be all you are Capable of Becoming – living the Light of the Truth that you Are – Your Soul Fire. See her free resources and events at

Spiritual and Energetic Psychologist and Coach

[email protected]

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