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Home Workouts Are Now Trending And How

Pilates teacher training Sydney will explore a multitude of mindfulness practices and meditative techniques that will bring you into the present moment, leaving behind what no longer serves you and discovering the blockages holding your back from operating at your highest potential. Combine this with junk food, erratic sleeping hours, chronic inactivity, loneliness along with stress and you have a cocktail recipe with short life written all over it, no wonder hospital bills and health insurance are the biggest money guzzlers for salaried employees these days.

To tackle this one has to come with a workout agenda which allows them to fit in simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of their homes, combined with long walks this can bring out great changes in ones physical and mental health. Exercise also enables one to have a positive outlook in life enabling you to handle the stresses of modern life, which needless to say are growing by the hour; it seems the technological revolution has made human life more complicated with too many things to be remembered by the human brain. You have passwords, phone locks, emails, facebook twitter, instagram and missing out on even a minute detail on any of these give people social media anxiety, YUP! You read it right, social media anxiety is a mental health issue with only two ways to tackle it, you either reduce the time on social media sites or you log out of them altogether. The stress of missing out on likes, photos, selfish and other updates on friends is literally giving people sleepless nights, you could save they are salves to technology.

Social media anxiety and addiction can be understood with a need to constantly do something to keep oneself busy, hence the need to always be connected. One can surmise that to keep the brain occupied one needs to give it work, well you would say why not read a book, the answer is that although some may agree to that, it is 2019 and people are rather unglued to books as an idea, its more of a Kindle world.

To ensure this does not turn into an epidemic, much like selfie elbow has become one, doctors, health and fitness experts have advised people to exercise from the vicinity of their homes or offices. Exercises like yoga and planks or even meditation (which is a mental health exercise) are now being advocated fiercely to prevent man going slouching back to the dawn of the early stages of human evolution.

There are pretty simple exercises which can be done from the vicinity of your home or office and it won’t take up much of your space either, firstly get some Rubber Flooring Tiles Manufacturer and get it installed in the area of your choice, next if you want to practice yoga, get a yoga mat, if you are into meditation then get some scented candles, om chanting and other essential oils to get you in the zone. The reason Rubber Flooring is advised in this particular article is to give you and idea of tyoe of exercises you can do on its cushioning, elastic surface without injuring or straining yourself, the exercises are


Pushup: Close Grip, Clap, Fist , Fingers, one handed, you name it and you can do it, Rubber Flooring Tiles are a great for pushups as they provide the necessary cushion keeping your muscles out of harm’s way and if you were to make a mistake while doing clap pushups you can rest assured that injury is far far away.

Three Jacks to Squat Jack: Again a very simple exercise to tone those thighs inner and outer and with the cushion impact of rubber flooring one can go a long way with this exercise without worrying about falls and misbalanced jumps.

Surya-Namaskars”: Celebrities, Politicians and coaches swear by it, a few of these and you will be in shape in no time, add to it the benefit of having your chakras balanced and you will be mentally fir to take on any responsibility. Most people say they feel joyous on the inside throughout the days once they have performed this yoga routine.

Spot Jogging and stretches: This is a fairly new one and definitely requires a rubber based flooring or tile to prevent any noise form going down to the other floors when you jog on the same spot, you can also do the sprinter take off routine by alternating your legs in one spot. The take off routine may seem easy but it is a tough one and people report being out of breath in the first few days but the resultant toning and ‘ab’ result is totally worth it. You can also combine this with a soft jog then a pushup, then a take off, then a burpee and then again a take- off. This is a killer routine with coaches swearing by it’s results and can be performed anywhere but not immediately after a meal.

Planks: You have surely read and heard about it too much and we don’t need to elaborate any further. But there are new variations out there that you can look up on the net which have made this core strength exercise routine a global phenomenon, you can perform these even while travelling within the confines of your hotel room or lodge. Most planks formations are fairly easy but if you have a back problem it is best you consult your doctor beforestarting this routine.

Last but not the very least you can invest in a home gym for a winning master stroke.